From an outsider’s perspective, most of us will view the process of filming as simple as picking up a camera, pointing, pushing a button then bringing it to a computer to upload and it’s all done. Bam. That’s it. Oh yeah, maybe they had to turn some lights on, tell you to move left or right but that’s really about it, right?


Well, in my honest opinion, I believe in making it all look and feel THAT easy for my clients.


We start with a consultation where, if possible, I meet face to face with you. I believe this might be the single most important step of the entire process. How can I know how to represent you and everything you have built and stand for without first connecting with you, viewing you as a listener; as a person? 


Learning is integral to growth and change, and maybe not every business necessarily needs change but every business needs growth. And what kind of business would I be trying to create if I walked into my clients’ businesses and felt like I needed to learn nothing, that you needed to listen to me and it will cost “X” because that is how it works?


Throwing capital out the window firsthand can sound ridiculous, but at this very moment, this isn’t about capital. This is about vision. Your vision and my vision. How can I make your vision come to life if blinded by the money?


After the consultation I go to the drawing board with my vision. As an artist since the days of crayons and cartoons, I have always taken every project given to me as my own and have tried to press my own creative tastes of storytelling and life into each one. Whether it was a music video or electronic press kit for a local artist, or an in depth look into a multimillion-dollar corporate tech company, I have tried to tap into my own curiosity as a consumer to explore the feelings I can convey unto others by way of intuitiveness and originality. 


To put it simply, I do what I think is best given your wants and needs, for you and for me. 

More than anything, my promise is to care. Let’s work together to bring the best YOU to the playing field.


-M. Detelj